Top 5 Best Installing Car Headlights For 2023

Installing Car Headlights
Written by Peter

When it comes to car headlights, there are many types of lights available in the market which will suit different cars. We have two types of headlights available SuncentAuto: halogen and LED. So, if you are thinking to buy a new car headlight (From our sale items), then you should know how to install headlights.

I know that it seems very difficult to install the lights, but if you follow the below-mentioned steps then it will be easy for you. So, follow the below-mentioned steps and install the headlights.

Read the manual

You need to read the manual and see the directions. Read the instructions carefully and understand what you are supposed to do for installing the headlights. You don’t want to install it in the wrong way as that will ruin the headlight.

Make sure that the battery is fully charged

If your car is new, then you might have a full battery or not. If you have a full battery then there will not be any problem of charge. Make sure that the battery is fully charged and then connect the headlights to the car.

Make sure that the bulbs are installed properly

Make sure that the bulbs are connected properly, as the wrong connection will lead to the bulbs not working. Try to connect them correctly.

Place the bulb inside the reflector

If you want to use the reflector then you need to put the bulb inside the reflector. Do not try to use it without the bulb.

Turn the ignition on and off

Now you are ready to install the headlights. Turn on the ignition and close the door. Then turn off the ignition. Don’t forget to turn the ignition key in the ignition off position. It will save you from any problems in the future.

How To Install Car Headlights

These are the step-by-step guide for installing the headlights in your car.

Step 1:

The first thing is that you should understand that there are two parts: the lens and the reflector. When you buy the headlight, you should check its both lens and reflector.

Step 2:

Once you have checked both lenses and reflectors, you need to drill a hole in the back of the reflector. You need to use a drill with a size of 14mm which is the size of the reflector hole.

Step 3:

After drilling the hole, now you need to get metal tape which is used for soldering. If you are a DIY person then it is easier for you to get this metal tape.

Step 4:

If you are having trouble getting the tape then you can ask the store which sells the metal tape.

Step 5:

After getting the tape, you should use a hot glue gun to stick the tape to the back of the reflector.

Step 6:

Now, you should fix the front of the lens. For this, you need to drill the hole in the lens. After getting the hole, you need to get the plastic plate and cut it into a suitable shape.

Step 7:

Use the plastic plate to stick the lens and it will cover the hole.


In conclusion, I hope that you have understood the above-given instructions. I am sure that you will get an easy time and enjoy installing the headlamps. So, now install the lights and enjoy driving with a bright and safe headlight.

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