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Healthy Salads Can Save You Money

Healthy Salads
Written by Peter

Balancing the budget and eating healthily can be a juggle at times. That’s why eating healthy salads is a simple solution. Naturally if you buy fruit and veges in season you will save money. Local markets are ideal if you can get to one. This is because the cost of cutting out the middle man is generally reflected in the price you pay. Besides don’t we somehow or other feel better about eating fresh.

Many of us have set ideas of what a salad is. However with very little imagination it is easy to create your own salads. Why not start just adding bits and pieces to make a salad. You know, cooked potatoes chopped through a salad adds so much nutritional benefit. A medium cooked potato with the skin on offers just as much fiber, more vitamin C, B6, folate, and iron as a cup of brown rice. Potatoes are also high in protein. Yet spuds have to be one of the most economical things on our shopping list.

There are times you could hardly call these concoctions anything as classy as a recipe – regardless they still taste good and are nutritious. It is always a good idea to start with some greens first and build from there. Think about the word foliage for greens. This will help you remember the association between foliage and all of that wonderful folate contained with them. Folate could be considered almost a wonderworker in our bodies and it reputably aids in combating certain cancers.

If you’re feeding a family then the cost of meat to feed everyone is getting pricey. Let’s look for some meat substitutes to toss into a salad for some healthy dinners. Avocados are the go. These can also be expensive items but when they are in season they are generally perfectly priced and can act as a meat substitute. Avocados are high in protein. Unbelievably one small avocado gives you more protein then if you had eaten a large steak. And there’s more! They also contain all the essential amino acids that our bodies need. These are fatty acids, including the essential omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Avocados are not fattening and are okay for even the most diet conscious of us. The fat in avocados is in such small amounts you would have to eat many avocados before any noticeable effect on your weight. Like anything else just eat in moderation and allow the benefits to outweigh the myths surrounding this little gem. Now’s the time to dispel another myth. Avocados are not high in cholesterol. No plant food, including avocado, contains cholesterol.

Eating healthily often means we have to change our thinking about our food. Many of the foods we may previously have dismissed as ‘rabbit food’ are in fact very good for us. Beside it is pretty cheap to feed a rabbit! Like anything we need time to adjust to different eating habits. The more times you serve up salads then the more times they are going to become a habit in one’s life. All of our lives are simply a multitude of habits. Eating healthy salads is one habit worth pursuing. This is because it is going to keep your weight down plus build a strong body and immune system. You could liken it to taking control of your own health. How many times have you heard ‘you are what you eat’.

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