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Written by Peter

Even though the first cosmetics I’ve ever used is lipsticks, my biggest obsession about cosmetics is foundations ( powders come close second ). I think that foundations are a miracle ‘thing’ that can make imperfection into perfection instantly. And in this article, I want to share my ‘collection’ with you all. Enjoy!!

1. Revlon Colorstay Makeup.
This is the first foundation I bought after trying my grandma’s. I like it that it is not greasy, I like the coverage it gives (medium), but the smell is horrible and for the first time I got blackhead and whitehead on my cheeks! And so, my journey begins….
PS: I’m not saying that it is a bad foundation, my sister bought one and she used it every single day. She has a normal to dry skin and it doesn’t make her breaking out.

2. Prescriptives Exact Makeup 100% Oil Free.
I think that Prescriptives has a good quality foundation, IF you are looking for a sheer to medium coverage. The label said that it is a medium to full coverage, but when I tried to build a full coverage, it turns out to be cakey and fake. The plus is it has SPF 15 protection, but I don’t think that it is matte nor long wearing at all as it claims.

3. Prescriptives Virtual Skin.
Hearing so many excellent comments about this foundation, I decided to give it a try. At first I didn’t like it because it is so sheer it did nothing to my face. I’ve went to the store to exchange it, but they said I can’t exchange used foundation. So I gave it another try after I change my skincare, and it turns out that I like it a lot! I think that it’s more matte than the Exact Makeup and it is actually one of the foundation that after 2-3 hours without touch-ups doesn’t make my T-zone shiny.

4. Clinique SuperBalanced Makeup.
Not as good as it claims (absorbs oil and gave moisture where needed), it makes my T-zone shiny and accentuates dryness on my cheeks, also cause pimples on my cheeks, so I decided to give this foundation a thumbs down.

5. Chanel Double Perfection Makeup.
It is a powder foundation in a sleek compact with a generous mirror. First I applied it (I prefer dry), it gave a smooth full coverage, so full that what I see in the mirror is a skin like a model in a glossy magazine! As it turns out, there is nothing perfect in this world, after 2 hours my face looks like a clown! It is so oily even my blotting paper can’t handle it! Next time, I’ll just use it lightly with a powder brush.

6. Stila Complete Coverage.
At the moment Stila is not available in my area, so when I saw it in Duty Free Shop only $10 and only one left (in B), I grab it even though it is the tester or something because somebody else must have used it. At first, I doubt that I’m gonna like this one because it is more for dry skin folks. Well, you’ll never know until you try it yourselves. With only several touch-ups, this foundations lasts good all day!

7. Chanel Natural Perfection Makeup.
When a dermatologist recommend this foundation, I immediately rush to the Chanel counter. This one is my personal fave at the moment, because the coverage is perfect, not too sheer and not to full, doesn’t add oil to my T-zone (always a must!), and doesn’t broke out my sensitive cheeks. But, I wouldn’t recommend this to all of you that allergic to fragrance, and to achieve better coverage use a damp sponges and blend fast!!!

8. Shiseido Liquid Compact.
Used to be my fave, until I found out it the color is all wrong and it turns orange on my skin. Until recently I miss the cool feeling when it applied and how beautiful the texture is, I decided to buy the refill in another color. For overall foundations I have ever tried, I think this one is the perfect foundation for all skin types, definitely a high priority if you consider buying a foundation. It looks like this is going to be my fave once again!

9. Revlon New Complexion One-Step Makeup.
Usually, I never consider low-end brand when it comes to foundations or powders (After the bad experience with Revlon Colorstay, I spend lots of money to heal my acne cheeks, but the scar still stays to remind me of it!). But a friend of mine says that it is quite good, also almost every models shoots in magazines used it, and it is $5 off at the time; those reasons made me bought one. This is a great foundation at a great price, quite convenient to use for touch-ups, but I still feel a need to use a separate powder. Maybe it is just me, but I think that even though it’s creamy, it sets to skin very quickly that you have to blend even more quicker.

10. Aveda Dual Performance.
I think I ‘donate’ lots of money to Aveda, since I almost have every single item they sell. I even have Dual Performance in 3 shades (Cream, Twig, Aster). It is strange, actually, since I don’t even like it that much! Maybe it is because almost everyone that I know loves them, so I don’t want to give up until I like it, too! I’ve tried to wet the sponge with water, toner, use it dry, with brush, everything!!! But I still don’t like it, maybe I just haven’t found the best way to apply it, but I think it is not natural at all and cakey. But, it is not that bad since it is not greasy even though it contains oil.
PS: Are all DP surface turns into tiny bumps when it is wetted with wet sponge or is it just mine? The SA said that if the quality is still okay than there’s nothing wrong, but I ‘m not sure.

Well, those are my experience with foundations, and I believed that my opinion may be different from yours. As for you who are currently looking for a foundation, I hope my opinions may help you!!!

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