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Consider this Before Moving

Written by Peter

A garage sale may or may not interest you, but consider holding one if you have tons of stuff that you want to get rid of quickly. If someone else is holding one, you could ask them if they would be willing to include your items as well. Since garage sales are time consuming, I wouldn’t recommend having one unless you have free time available.

If you are moving in UAE, you may hire services of professional movers and packers in Dubai to help you with your storing and packing. Even some charities will come pick up your stuff for you, which makes it very convenient and far less time consuming than a yard sale. You might even profit just as much if you cam get a tax deduction. Most importantly, you will be giving to people who need it the most.

If you have a garage sale, do it right. Only sell stuff that is quality in order to attract more people. Have a 50% off sale for the last hour, and be willing to give away stuff within the last 15 minutes. Again, the objective of a garage sale is to clear out your inventory, not make a profit.

  • put up signs so people can find your sale – make them large, colorful, and clearly visible.
  • newspaper ads provide exposure, but aren’t necessary if you live near a mainstreet.
  • group similar items together
  • set bargain prices
  • rid of hazardous chemicals that can’t be taken with
  • sell baked goods, drinks, and snacks
  • be open early in the morning
  • carefully consider all offers before accepting/declining – take what you can get and move on
  • whatever is left can be donated to charity

If possible, have two or more people working the sale: at least one should have good negotiation skills.

Large Appliances And Equipment

Selling large appliances and equipment is less expensive than having them transported. The best case scenario is to sell these items a week or two before moving, then deliver them to the buyer a day or two before the move.

You can advertise in the newspaper, or ask family or friends if they have any interest. You can consider requesting a down payment from the buyer upon agreement, then get the rest when the items are delivered.

If you’re unable to find any takers, donate them to charity. Washers, dryers, snow blowers, lawn mowers, are all accepted by some charities. Washers and dryers would be greatly appreciated by those who are on a budget.

Clothing For Packing

Worn down clothing (shirts, costs, socks, pants), can be used instead of packing paper or bubble wrap as cushioning for fragile items. Sheets, pillow cases, blankets, and towels are also very useful, especially ones that you no longer use. Moving supplies aren’t cheap, so this is an easy way to save some money.

I put all the clothes I want to donate in large bags, but boxes will do as well. If you want to use them for packing purposes (cushioning), then put them in the designated packed boxes room.

To maximize the space inside of each box, pack smaller items into larger items such as buckets, waste baskets, and bowls. These are good for holding smaller, fragile items.

Living Simply

Even after your move, live simply. You never know when you’ll have to pack and move again.

I have a one-in-one out rule. If I buy something new, then a related item either gets donated or disposed of. If I buy a new shirt, then some article of clothing has to go, whether it be a pair of pants, a shirt, jacket, etc. This prevents my closet from getting too crowded.

Keep your eye out for anything that is contributing to clutter. Evaluate all your belongings once or twice per year. If you haven’t used something in that time period, then get rid of it.

Less is more. Stuff can literally take over our lives if we’re not aware of it.

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